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Unlimited charts
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Quick company charts

Lexchart draws your organization chart automatically to handle large and complex companies easily. Add companies with any jurisdiction, language, or currency. Build company structure for any legal entity type or corporate transaction.

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Smart design

Use great design tools to create the structure you need to show. Add unlimited data to your companies or individuals. Describe connections with unlimited labels and data. Format the elements of your chart with precision.

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Security is at the core of Lexchart's architecture, development, and deployment.
Secure Data
All data is encrypted in transit through end-to-end secure communication. All data is encrypted at rest in Lexchart.
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Users must create a strong password. Our password strength requirements are based on a combination of algorithms, empirical data, and known security risks.
Access Controls
Lexchart enforces access control measures to support secure chart sharing among authorized users.
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Enable multi-factor authentication for added account security. Use your existing mobile authenticator application with Lexchart for login.

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Lexchart blends decades of experience in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance.


Frequently asked questions

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Is Lexchart hosted in the cloud?
Yes, Lexchart is a web application. It is hosted on the infrastructure of a large, publicly traded company based in the United States.
Do we follow OWASP security standards?
Yes, we do. You can read about our security practices to protect your data.
Do we offer bulk discounts?
Yes, you can purchase more than one license for everyone on your team. Contact us for details and pricing.
Does a Lexchart subscription include support?
Yes, your subscription includes support. You have access to our tutorials and documentation anytime. You can contact us with questions.